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Official Full Name
adenylosuccinate synthase like 1
ADSSL1 is a muscle isozyme of adenylosuccinate synthase (EC, which catalyzes the initial reaction in the;conversion of inosine monophosphate (IMP) to adenosine monophosphate (AMP) (Sun et al., 2005 (PubMed;15786719)).
ADSSL1; adenylosuccinate synthase like 1; adenylosuccinate synthetase isozyme 1; FLJ38602; basic isozyme; muscle isozyme; Adenylosuccinate synthetase; AdSS 1; ADSS1; AMPSase 1; IMP aspartate ligase 1; IMP--aspartate ligase 1; M-type adenylosuccinate synthetase; PURA1_HUMAN; OTTHUMP00000244483; OTTHUMP00000244484; adenylosuccinate synthetase, basic isozyme; adenylosuccinate synthetase, muscle isozyme; zgc:85738

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