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Official Full Name
adenosine deaminase, RNA-specific, B1
This gene encodes the enzyme responsible for pre-mRNA editing of the glutamate receptor subunit B by site-specific deamination of adenosines. Studies in rat found that this enzyme acted on its own pre-mRNA molecules to convert an AA dinucleotide to an AI dinucleotide which resulted in a new splice site. Alternative splicing of this gene results in several transcript variants, some of which have been characterized by the presence or absence of an ALU cassette insert and a short or long C-terminal region.
ADARB1; adenosine deaminase, RNA-specific, B1; adenosine deaminase, RNA specific, B1 (homolog of rat RED1); double-stranded RNA-specific editase 1; ADAR2; ADAR2a; ADAR2a L1; ADAR2a L2; ADAR2a L3; ADAR2b; ADAR2c; ADAR2d; ADAR2g; DRABA2; DRADA2; hRED1; RED1; RED1 homolog (rat); ADARB 1; 1700057H01Rik; Adenosine deaminase, RNA specific, 2; Adenosine deaminase, RNA specific, B1 (RED1 homolog rat); Adenosine deaminase, RNA specific, B1; AW124433; AW558573; BB220382; D10Bwg0447e; Double stranded RNA specific editase 1; dsRNA adenosine deaminase; EC 3.5.-.-; Human dsRNA adenosine deaminase DRADA2; Human dsRNA adenosine deaminase DRADA2b, EC 3.5; OTTHUMP00000115341; OTTHUMP00000115342; RED 1; RNA editase; RNA editase 1; RNA editing deaminase 1; RNA editing enzyme 1; RNA editing enzyme 1, rat, homolog of; RNA specific adenosine deaminase B1; RED1 homolog; OTTHUMP00000115339; OTTHUMP00000115340; OTTHUMP00000174981; OTTHUMP00000214128; RNA-editing enzyme 1; RNA-editing deaminase 1; dsRNA ad; RNA-specific adenosine deaminase B1; adenosine deaminase, RNA-specific, B1 (RED1 homolog rat)

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AD00678ZHuman ADARB1 adenoviral particlesInquiry
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CLKO-1583ADARB1 KO Cell Lysate-HeLaInquiry

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