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Official Full Name
actin binding LIM protein 1
This gene encodes a cytoskeletal LIM protein that binds to actin filaments via a domain that is homologous to erythrocyte dematin. LIM domains, found in over 60 proteins, play key roles in the regulation of developmental pathways. LIM domains also function as protein-binding interfaces, mediating specific protein-protein interactions. The protein encoded by this gene could mediate such interactions between actin filaments and cytoplasmic targets. Alternatively spliced transcript variants encoding different isoforms have been identified.
ABLIM1; actin binding LIM protein 1; ABLIM, LIMAB1; actin-binding LIM protein 1; abLIM; limatin; RP11-317F20.1; ABLIM 1; abLIM-1; ABLIM-L; ABLIM-M; ABLIM-S; ABLM1_HUMAN; Actin binding double zinc finger protein; Actin binding LIM protein family member 1; Actin-binding double zinc finger protein; Actin-binding LIM protein family member 1; DKFZp781D0148; FLJ14564; KIAA0059; LIM actin binding protein 1; LIMAB 1; LIMAB1; MGC1224; MGC125264; OTTHUMP00000020530; OTTHUMP00000020531; OTTHUMP00000020532; OTTHUMP00000020533; OTTHUMP00000020534; OTTHUMP00000020535; OTTHUMP00000020536; OTTHUMP00000020537; RGD1565768; actin-binding double-zinc-finger protein; actin-binding LIM protein family m; RP11-317F20.1, ABLIM, DKFZp781D0148, FLJ14564, KIAA0059, LIMAB1, LIMATIN, MGC1224, abLIM-1, ABLIM1

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AD00498ZHuman ABLIM1 adenoviral particlesInquiry

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