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Official Full Name
ATM interactor
Plays a crucial role in cell survival and RAD51 foci formation in response to methylating DNA damage. Involved in regulating the activity of ATM in the absence of DNA damage. May play a role in stabilizing ATM.
ATMIN; ATM interactor; ASCIZ; ZNF822; ATM INteracting protein; zinc finger protein 822; ATM/ATR-Substrate Chk2-Interacting Zn++-finger protein; ATM/ATR-substrate CHK2-interacting zinc finger protein; ATM/ATR-substrate CHEK2-interacting zinc finger protein; ATM/ATR Substrate Chk2 Interacting Zn++ finger protein; KIAA0431; FLJ50270; FLJ61620; FLJ76795; DKFZp779K1455

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