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Official Full Name
Homo sapiens amine oxidase, copper containing 3 (vascular adhesion protein 1) DNA.
Copper amine oxidases catalyze the oxidative conversion of amines to aldehydes in the presence of copper and quinone;cofactor. The product is a major protein on the adipocyte plasma membrane. It has adhesive properties and also has;functional monoamine oxidase activity. A pseudogene for this gene has been discribed and is located approximately 9-kb;downstream.
AOC3; amine oxidase, copper containing 3 (vascular adhesion protein 1); HPAO; SSAO; VAP1; VAP-1; membrane primary amine oxidase; copper amine oxidase; vascular adhesion protein 1; semicarbazide-sensitive amine oxidase; EC; EC 1.4.3; Vepalimomab; 195158-85-1; Vapaliximab; 336801-86-6; VAP 1; VAP1, HPAO, VAP-1

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