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Official Full Name
ankyrin repeat and sterile alpha motif domain containing 1B
EB1 (end-binding protein 1) is a microtubule associated protein (1). EB1 localizes to the growing ends of microtubules, the centrosome and the mitotic spindle (2-4). EB1 is also found to associate with the adenomatous polyposis coli (APC) protein (5). Rec
ANKS1B; ankyrin repeat and sterile alpha motif domain containing 1B; ankyrin repeat and sterile alpha motif domain-containing protein 1B; AIDA 1; ANKS2; cajalin 2; EB 1; E2a-Pbx1-associated protein; amyloid-beta precursor protein intracellular domain asso; amyloid-beta precursor protein intracellular domain associated protein 1; EB1; AIDA; EB-1; AIDA-1; cajalin-2; MGC26087; EB1, AIDA, EB-1, ANKS2, AIDA-1, cajalin-2; si:dkey-11k24.3; si:ch211-146a9.3

Cat.No. Product Name Price
CDCB158205Human ANKS1B ORF clone (BC068451)Inquiry
CDCB164953Chicken ANKS1B ORF Clone (NM_001252062)Inquiry
CDCB173183Danio rerio ANKS1B ORF Clone (NM_001100017)Inquiry
CDCB194783Rabbit ANKS1B ORF clone (XM_008256937.1)Inquiry
CDCL106770Human ANKS1B ORF clone (NM_001204070.1)Inquiry
CDCL106772Mouse ANKS1B ORF clone (NM_001204079.1)Inquiry
CDCL106774Human ANKS1B ORF clone (NM_001204065.1)Inquiry
CDCL106776Human ANKS1B ORF clone (NM_001204081.1)Inquiry
CDCR025988Human ANKS1B ORF clone (NM_001204066.1)Inquiry
CDCR025990Human ANKS1B ORF clone (NM_001204067.1)Inquiry
CDCR025992Human ANKS1B ORF clone (NM_001204068.1)Inquiry
CDCR028084Human ANKS1B ORF clone (NM_001204080.1)Inquiry
CDCR028086Human ANKS1B ORF clone (NM_001204069.1)Inquiry
CDCR237414Mouse Anks1b ORF Clone(NM_001128086.2)Inquiry
CDCR242349Mouse Anks1b ORF Clone(NM_001177396.1)Inquiry
CDCR242351Mouse Anks1b ORF Clone(NM_001177397.1)Inquiry
CDCR242353Mouse Anks1b ORF Clone(NM_001177398.1)Inquiry
CDCR275520Mouse Anks1b ORF Clone(NM_181398.3)Inquiry
CDCS409595Human ANKS1B ORF Clone (BC068451)Inquiry
CDCS409596Human ANKS1B ORF Clone (BC026313)Inquiry
CDFG019425Mouse Anks1b cDNA Clone(NM_001128086.2)Inquiry
CDFG021325Mouse Anks1b cDNA Clone(NM_001177396.1)Inquiry
CDFG021326Mouse Anks1b cDNA Clone(NM_001177397.1)Inquiry
CDFG021327Mouse Anks1b cDNA Clone(NM_001177398.1)Inquiry
CDFL001261Mouse Anks1b cDNA Clone(NM_181398.3)Inquiry
MiUTR3H-09482ANKS1B miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquiry
MiUTR3H-09483ANKS1B miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquiry
MiUTR3H-09484ANKS1B miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquiry

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