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Official Full Name
amylase, alpha 2A (pancreatic)
Amylases are secreted proteins that hydrolyze 1,4-alpha-glucoside bonds in oligosaccharides and polysaccharides, and thus catalyze the first step in digestion of dietary starch and glycogen. The human genome has a cluster of several amylase genes that are expressed at high levels in either salivary gland or pancreas. This gene encodes an amylase isoenzyme produced by the pancreas.
AMY2A; amylase, alpha 2A (pancreatic); AMY2, amylase, alpha 2A; pancreatic; pancreatic alpha-amylase; 1,4 alpha D glucan glucanohydrolase; Alpha amylase; AMY2; AMY2B; Amylase, alpha 2A; Amylase, pancreatic, A; Glycogenase; PA; alpha-amylase; OTTHUMP00000012694; found in the pancreas; pancreatic amylase 2A; pancreatic amylase alpha 2A; amylase, pancreatic, alpha-2A; 1,4-alpha-D-glucan glucanohydrolase; amy3; zgc:66270; zgc:77877; wu:fb64c06; amylase-3 protein

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