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Official Full Name
acylglycerol kinase
Acylglycerol kinase, mitochondrial is an enzyme that in humans is encoded by the AGK gene.
AGK; acylglycerol kinase; MULK, multiple substrate lipid kinase; acylglycerol kinase, mitochondrial; FLJ10842; 6720408I04Rik; mitochondrial; 2610037M15Rik; Acylglycerol kinase mitochondrial; AGK_HUMAN; AI465370; hAGK; HsMuLK; MULK; Multi substrate lipid kinase; Multi-substrate lipid kinase; Multiple substrate lipid kinase; RGD1562046; MTDPS10; fi38e09; zgc:55462; wu:fi38e09

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