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Creative Biogene Introduces Innovative Expression Vectors for High Level of Protein Production

Recently, Creative Biogene introduced a batch of innovative expression vectors featured at a variety of tags for high level of protein production.

Expression vectors are basic tools for biotechnology and the production of proteins. Creative Biogene, the specialist provider of vectors, offers a wide range of expression vectors varying from E. coil, yeast, baculovirus and mammalian systems.

On a regular basis, the vector products will be updated to meet researchers’ needs and innovative expression vectors will be added to satisfy specific requirements and growing research trends. All this will be benefited from the traditional ease of use associated with the company’s proprietary expression system.

The goal of a well-designed expression vector is the production of significant amount of stable messenger RNA, and therefore proteins.

Other Applications

  • Laboratory use
  • Production of peptide and protein pharmaceuticals
  • Transgenic plant and animals
  • Gene therapy
  • And others

Creative Biogene invites anyone with an interest in our expression vectors to contact us. 

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