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Creative Biogene Launched A Large-scale Outdoor Development Training for Its Staffs

Last Saturday and Sunday, Creative Biogene launched a large-scale outdoor development training for its staffs.

In a world populated by virtual, discontinuous and networked teams, team work is more important than ever. Some teams generate exceptional loyalty, commitment and drive. Others are paralysed by politics, negative emotions and wasted energy. As a company that always attaches importance to team work, Creative Biogene realizes that the understanding and mastering the dynamics of team development is crucial if Creative Biogene still adheres to providing customers with high quality products and services. Therefore, Creative Biogene decided to launch a large-scale outdoor development training for its staffs.


This outdoor development training was held in an outdoor training camp under the assistance of a professional outdoor training team. Almost 200 staffs have attended this outdoor development training. Many activities, such as climbing, hiking and boating, were carried out in groups, to create a deep awareness of the dynamics of people working together for collective success. Both those outdoor development activities are aimed to provide portable skills and learning for individuals.


During the whole process of outdoor development training, all activities were done in groups. All staffs were prompted to propose ideas, make decisions, and then implement the actions. After the training project, most staffs said that they have .had a deeper understanding of the true spirit of team work.

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