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Creative Biogene Updated Its Stable Cell Line Generation Service

Based on researchers’ hard work in the past months, Creative Biogene has successfully updated its Stable Cell Line Generation Service, which can be taken into practice for protein expression, gene knockdown as well as genome editing for a variety of research needs. On plus side, Creative Biogene has gained extensive experience in cell line, focusing on optimizing all parameters specific to different cell lines to efficiently produce stable cell lines. Besides, relying on the proprietary expression vector, high throughput cell screening technologies and serum, animal components free process without any adaptation issue in a significantly reduced timeline, Creative Biogene made it easy to offer commercial and research cell line to researchers and developers all over the world.

As is known, stable cell line is not only the best method to produce recombinant protein and antibody, but also the most suitable approach for application in drug screenings and gene functional studies. There are many different methods to establish stable cell lines according to different types of gene expression and the gene construct.

Major Features of the Updated Stable Cell Line Generation Service

High Quality: Staffed by the most professional and best trained experts in the field, Creative Biogene can guarantee the world class Stable Cell Line Generation Service for every customer.

Fast Turnaround: Creative Biogene is a customer-oriented biotech company, equiped with the state-of-the-art equipment and the most exprienced experts. We will take each customer’s needs into consideration, trying our best to save more time for you.

Cost Effective: Creative Biogene not onnly provides a free consultaion with the scientific team, but also let client’s each penny is wisly spent, aiming to become a valuable resource and partner for you.

For more information about Creative Biogene’s Stable Cell Line Generation service, please visit for more details.

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