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Creative Biogene Updated Aptamers Services, Making it Possible to Help More Scientists Worldwide

 Creative Biogene successfully updated its Aptamers Services, making a big progress to help more scientists with their research.

Aptamers were firstly discovered in the early 1990s. Since then generations of scientists have made efforts to make Aptamers suitable and relevant for a variety of diseases such as cancer. Having the advantages of high specification and small size, aptamers consist of nucleic acid molecules, which are usually small RNA/DNA molecules and investigated for clinical purposes. Moreover, regarded as possible targeting ligands, aptamers have chemical synthesis as well as easy modification for conjugation and can be combined with ribozymes. Additionally, Aptamers’ development periods can be divided into several stages from pre-clinical studies to clinical trials and even as FDA approved therapeutics. On the other hand, aptamers that are often generated by selecting from a big random sequence pool, bind to a certain target molecule. Besides, they are used for not only basic research but also clinical purposes. In fact, natural aptamers still exist in riboswitches.
At Creative Biogene, the leading biotech company, you can find all kinds of Aptamers services development stages, including Aptamer synthesis, Aptamer generation, Cell SELEX, Aptamer design and modification as well as other services. There are details of these stages as follows:
The first stage is Aptamer synthesis during which the initial oligonucleotide library is often 60-80mer with a 20-40 nucleotide random (N) bases which will give rise to a random oligo library. What’s more, we can synthesize the selected aptamer and purify them according to your specific needs. Next is Aptamer generation. This process is taken into practice for a great number of targets. The third one is Cell SELEX, which is provided by Creative Biogene based on extensive experience. The last stage is Aptamer Design and Modification. As we know after aptamers have been selected, it is necessary for us to suggest specific modifications in order to develop properties. We have already gained success regarding cell delivery, nuclease resistance, and duplex stability. 
Except for the above Aptamers services, we also offer some other services, for instance negative selection, aptamer-based precipitation, aptamer-based sensors, aptamer-based microarrays, as well as allosteric or structure-switching aptamer. With the newly updated Aptamers services, Creative Biogene enables researchers and developers to gain more achievements in a fast and cost-effective manner.
If you are interested in further information of Aptamers Services of Creative Biogene, please directly contact Creative Biogene or visit for more information. The professional expert teams are ready and eager to help you at all times!

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