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Creative Biogene Releases New Cloning Vectors for Faster and Easier Research Needs

Creative Biogene, the first class specialist provider of genomic and proteomic solutions, has launched a new range of cloning vectors.

The new vectors facilitate faster and easier in their system for various research needs. Compared to previous ones, they are vectors easy to use and very reliable and stable and offer many new advantages that are proved to improve cloning yields, reduce cloning bias, and improve sequencing throughput. From the general cloning vectors to difficult cloning vectors, Creative Biogene can help.

The Sales and Marketing Director at Creative Biogene said: “We are very proud and pleased to announce the launch of new cloning vectors, they skip some of the problematic cloning procedures by using our proprietary techniques. Today we are very happy that we can pass these benefits to our customers with our full devotion, which make our products faster and easier. Meanwhile, we are always pursuing innovation that keeps laboratories standardizing protocols and saving time as well as manpower input. ”

Creative Biogene invites anyone with an interest in our cloning vectors to visit our website at

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Creative Biogene is a US-based biotechnology company specializing in using cloning vectors for many global pharmaceutical companies and research institutions. We offer a collection of cloning vectors for various needs: expression of gene of interest in mammalian cell lines expression of tagged genes, and simultaneous expression of two genes etc. ranging from different hosts, promoters, selection and tags. 

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