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Creative Biogene Released Novel Genomic DNA Purification Recently

 According to a senior scientist, Creative Biogene has recently released its updated Genomic DNA Purification. Based on extensive experience in the field and scientists’ hard work, Creative Biogene now can provide a wide range of genomic DNA isolation kits, which are practical and useful for rapid and efficient purification of high quality genomic DNA from a great number of sample types, such as tissue, fresh and paraffin-embedded tissue sections, cultured cells, saliva, buccal cells, whole blood, plasma, serum, urine, bacteria, fungi, yeast, algae, viruses, and mitochondria. On the plus side, Creative Biogene’s genomic DNA purification kits are suitable for the purification of mammalian genomic DNA, plant genomic DNA, blood genomic DNA, bacterial genomic DNA. Additionally, the genomic DNA purification kits are very practical in PCR, restriction endonuclease digestions, cloning, southern blots and sequencing.

As genomic DNA can be isolated from a wide variety of starting materials, for many different fields of study, including cultured animal cells, animal tissues, crude lysates of any animal tissue, animal blood, buffy coats, animal bone marrow, fixed tissues, yeast, bacteria, insects, as well as rodent tails, there are a large number of different methods and technologies available for the isolation of genomic DNA. Besides, the separation of DNA from cellular components can be divided into four stages, namely disruption, lysis, removal of proteins and contaminants, and recovery of DNA.

“This newly released genomic DNA purification systems can offer maximum yields with minimal processing time. And the high quality genomic DNA can be used for many downstream applications, such as PCR, Southern blotting, endonuclease digestion, and methylation detection, offering the right product for different research needs,” said the senior scientist. “In future, we will continue to make more contributions to the development of life science, making it more easier for researchers to gain more scientific achievements.”

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