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More Expression Vectors Will Be Introduced to Creative Biogene’s Product List

Creative Biogene, the US-based manufacturer and provider of biotech product and service, has made a decision to update its vector products at the end of 2014,which means some its products will be removed off and some others will be add to its product stock.

Expression vectors, also known as expression construct, are usually plasmids or virus, which are artificially made for protein expression in cells. They are recognized as basic tools for biotechnology and the production of proteins. They have wide applications, for example, protein production, transgenic product production, gene therapy.

Creative Biogene have provided expression vectors for academic and governmental research institutes, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry for long. And at the last senior staff meeting hold in early November this year, the consensus on vector product update was made.

“The market demand is changing along with the development of bio-industry and research fields. We must follow the trend and make reasonable adjustments, in order to meet the new growing needs or new challenges”, said by Hannah Cole, director of Sales Division.

“Some of our key products are proved to have small demand in the market, while some of the most sought-after products are in short supply”, she added, “ optimization and adjustment are needed now”.

According to the last meeting, this adjustment will probably begin with the introduction of new expression vectors.

Creative Biogene hope that this adjustment will help better serve the needs of customers.


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