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Creative Biogene Expanded Its Direct PCR Kit Products

February 2nd, 2015—With the hardworking of scientists, Creative Biogene, one of the most influential US-based biotech company, finally expanded its Direct PCR Kit products successfully, making a big progress in life science.
According to a senior scientist at Creative Biogene, there are a great number of products customized for a variety of scientific needs. The representative products include Microorganism Direct PCR Kit, Blood Direct PCR Kit, Animal Tissue Direct PCR Kit, Human Tissue Direct PCR Kit, Mouse Tail Direct PCR Kit, Zebra Fish Direct PCR Kit, Plant Direct PCR Kit, Cotton (Leaf) Direct PCR Kit, Tobacco (Leaf) Direct PCR Kit, Rapeseed (Leaf) Direct PCR Kit, Soybean (Leaf) Direct PCR Kit, Maize (Leaf) Direct PCR Kit, Wheat (Leaf) Direct PCR Kit, Rice (Leaf) Direct PCR Kit, as well as Cell Direct PCR Kit. All the custom products above are specially made for the purpose of speeding up research and promoting the scientific success.
Major Features of Creative Biogene’s Direct PCR Kit:
Simple: This approach is a simple method to genotype without DNA purification;
Fast: With highly developed platforms and advanced technology, Creative Biogene can help researchers and developers in a fast manner, saving enormous amount of research time for you;
Reliable: Based on years of experience working with scientists of scientific agencies, institutions, and government departments all over the world, Creative Biogene offers the most reliable Direct PCR Kit products and services to every client.
Moreover, due to well designed protocols and working experience, Creative Biogene can save a lot of material for clients.
For more detailed information of high quality Direct PCR Kit products, please visit or directly email at to inquire more details.
About Creative Biogene
After serving scientists in the field for many years, Creative Biogene made its mission to help more researchers worldwide with high quality kits, reagents, and genomics services and products. Serving more clients means more responsibility. Creative Biogene will continue to explore in the world of life science, aiming to make more breakthroughs and contributions to the development of biotechnology industry.

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