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Blood Test Now Can Disclose Humans Viral History

 It is known that a blood test is a laboratory analysis, usually used in health care to determine physiological and biochemical states, for example mineral content, disease, and so on.

However, currently it is possible to know about human’s viral history by using blood tests. It is known that typical clinical blood panels contain a basic metabolic panel or a complete blood count. On the other hand, viral vector transduction is used as a suitable tool to deliver genes into cells. Therefore, using blood test can help to know more about our genes and our viral history.
It is reported that, even with a drop of a person's blood, researchers can test for current and past infections with any human virus. This new technology is named VirScan. With this approach, scientists can determine which viruses have infected an individual. In addition, the analysis reportedly can be performed for around $25 per blood sample. As a result, VirScan is regarded as a great alternative to the existing methods, which are used to test for specific viruses one at a time. In other words, it is convenient to assay all at once, instead of testing for a single virus at a time.
According to scientists, VirScan can screen the blood for antibodies of various species, not only identifying viral infections, but also providing an person's previous infections. While all the peptide-displaying bacteriophage mingle with a blood sample, the VirScan analysis can be successfully performed. Then the antiviral antibodies in the blood find and bind to target epitopes within the displayed peptides. After that, the antibodies will be retrieved. 
So far, it is said that about 569 people’s blood has been screened using VirScan in the U.S., South Africa, Thailand, and Peru.

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