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Taq Plus DNA Polymerase

Taq Plus DNA Polymerase is provided by a mixture of Taq DNA Polymerase andthe proofreading enzyme Pfu DNA Polymerase. The product possesses boththe processivity of Taq and the high fidelity of Pfu. The specially formulated TaqPlus Polymerase allow amplification of the higher fidelity and longer templatesthan the single-enzyme formulations. It is also a better choice for amplifyingcomplex template, such as GC-rich template. It has a 5'→3' Exonuclease activityas well as a 3'→5' Exonuclease activity. Using Taq Plus DNA Polymerase DNAfragments up to 20 kb (up to 10 kb for GC-rich templates) could be amplified.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
Quality Control
The absence of endodeoxyribonucleases, exodeoxyribonucleases and ribonucleasesconfirmed by appropriate quality tests. Functionally tested in PCR.
250U, 500U
Store at -20℃
Unit Definition
One unit is defined as the amount of the enzyme required to catalyze theincorporation of 10 nmoles of dNT P's into an acid-insoluble form in 30 minutes at74°C using hering sperm DNA as substrate.

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