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Gene Variant Library Service

Gene variant library is a systematic combination of a large number of variant (mutant) DNA sequences. It is increasingly used in a wide range of research areas, such as high-throughput screening for drug discovery, directed evolution for protein engineering, and creating  high diversity synthetic antibody library for screening antibody variants with high affinity and increased specificity.

Creative Biogene’s strong expertise and award-winning, high-throughput platform allow us to create the highest diversity and highest quality combinatorial variant DNA libraries. We can construct any library type including alanine scan library, degenerate codon library, triplet codon library, site saturation library, randomized mutant libraries etc. Creative Biogene has constructed a series of high quality gene varient libraries. All variants are sequence verified with 100% accuracy and individually cloned into our standard vector or the plasmid vector of your choice.

Gene Variant Library Service

Alanine scan library: Substitute individual amino acids with alanine at every position to research amino acid residues critical to protein function, interaction and shape [1].

Randomized mutant libraries: During de novo synthesis of a gene, alternative nucleotides or codons are incorporated into the DNA sequence at specific positions [2].

Site saturation library: It is the most systematic mutation strategy to replace wild type amino acid coding sequences with sequences encoding all 19 non–wild type amino acids at the position of interest.

• Screening antibodies, receptors and ligands with desirable traits such as high affinity and increased specificity [2]
• Protein engineering such as enhancing protein stability
• Vaccine designing
• Screening therapeutic enzymes
• Applied in molecular directed evolution [3]

Your Reasons to Choose Creative Biogene:
Choices: We are able to create any type of gene variant library (Alanine scan library, degenerate codon library, triplet codon library, site saturation library, randomized mutant libraries).
Accuracy: 100% sequence accuracy is guaranteed.
High-throughput: Our largest high-throughput capacity in the industry.
Product form: Libraries are available as pooled clones, ds PCR fragments or as ss oligo mix.
Speed: Our fast turnaround time can help you to save your precious time and speed up your research.
Downstream services: It includes custom subcloning into the plasmid vector of your choice, plasmid preps, and evaluation of protein expression.

[1] Thomas S, Maynard N D, Gill J. DNA library construction using Gibson Assembly [reg][J]. Nature Methods, 2015, 12(11).
[2] Malecek K, Zhong S, McGary K, et al. Engineering improved T cell receptors using an alanine-scan guided T cell display selection system[J]. Journal of immunological methods, 2013, 392(1): 1-11.
[3] Wang T W, Zhu H, Ma X Y, et al. Mutant library construction in directed molecular evolution[J]. Molecular biotechnology, 2006, 34(1): 55-68.

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