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ORF Clones

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ORF Clones

Without 5’ and 3’ UTRs, open reading frames (ORFs) provide a shortcut to protein expression. ORFs facilitate multiple downstream applications, such as protein detection, protein purification, subcellular localization, etc, which help researchers to achieve a deeper insight into complex biological processes.

In combination with unique and versatile cloning technologies, Creative Biogene creates a large collection of full-length and high quality ORF clones (including human, mouse, rat, ect.), where you can find your genes of interest.

Creative Biogene can accelerate your research by providing sequence-verified ORFs, please browse our ORFs collection to find your desired one.

ORF Clones Products List


45-1 Ramsey Road, Shirley, NY 11967, USA
Tel: 1-631-626-9181
Fax: 1-631-614-7828

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