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Nucleic Acid Kits

Nucleic acids, which include DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and RNA (ribonucleic acid), are made from monomers known as nucleotides. Experimental studies of nucleic acids constitute a major part of modern biological and medical research, and form a foundation for genome and forensic science, and the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Nucleic Acid Kit is intended for general laboratory use in the field of molecular biology.

Creative Biogene provides high quality nucleic acid kits including:

Nucleic Acid Purification Kits

Nucleic Acid Modification

Our kits are used to extract high yield, purity and integrity from virtually any sample types. Besides, Creative Biogene has studied the details involved in the modification process to limit variability between samples improve yield over the conventional methods.

Cat#Product NamePrice
NKG-T001ClotBlood DNA Kit Inquiry
NKG-T002Tail DNA Kit Inquiry
NKG-T003Tail 96 Kit Inquiry
NKG-T004Deep processed Food Kit Inquiry
NKG-T005Cotton DNA Kit Inquiry
NKG-T006Barley 96 Kit Inquiry
NKP-T001Yeast LyticaseFree Plasmid Kit Inquiry
NKR-T001Virus RNA pure Kit Inquiry
NKR-T002Bacterial RNA pure Kit Inquiry
NKR-T003Yeast RNA pure Kit Inquiry
NKR-T004Plant RNApure Kit Inquiry
NKR-T005RNA Cleanup Kit Inquiry
NKD-T002Gel Extraction 96 Kit Inquiry
NKD-T003Universal DNA Purification 96 Kit Inquiry
NKG-T007DNA Lyse & Amp PCR Kit Inquiry
NKG-T008Swab DNA Kit Inquiry
NKG-T009Bacterial DNA Kit Inquiry
NKG-T010Marine Animal DNA Kit Inquiry
NKG-T011Plant DNAquick Kit Inquiry
NKG-T012Feedstuff Animal DNA Kit Inquiry
NKG-T013DNA Kit for Food Inquiry
NKG-T014FFPE Quick DNA Kit Inquiry
NKR-T006RNA Clean up Kit Inquiry
NKG-T015DNA / RNA / Protein Kits Inquiry
NKR-T007FFPE RNA pure Kit Inquiry
NKR-T008miRNA, siRNA and snRNA Kit Inquiry
NKP-T002Yeast Plasmid DNA Kit Inquiry
NKG-T016Blood and Tissue Genomic DNA Kit Inquiry
NKG-T017Blood & Cell Genomic DNA Extraction Inquiry
NKG-T018Mucous Speed DNA Kit Inquiry
NKP-T003Plasmid Endo-Free Utrapure Kit Inquiry
NKD-T004DNA Clean Up and Concentrator Kit Inquiry
NKD-T005Gel/PCR DNA Kit Inquiry
NKR-T009Plant Total RNA Kit Inquiry
NKG-T019Bacterial Mag DNA Kit Inquiry
NKG-T020Bacterial Mag DNA 96 Kit Inquiry
NKG-T021Meat Mag DNA Kit Inquiry
NKG-T022Serum Mag DNA Kit Inquiry
NKG-T023Saliva Mag DNA Kit Inquiry
NKG-T024Automated Tissue Mag DNA 96 Inquiry
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