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Cat#Product NameRecognition SiteSizePrice
EMOT1107DNA Topoisomerase I N/A500 Units;1000 Units;5000 UnitsInquiry
EMOT1108E. coli Fpg N/A4000 UnitsInquiry
EMNT2010Exonuclease VII N/A500 units;100 unitsInquiry
EMOT1116High Concentration End-Repair Mix N/A75 ReactionsInquiry
EMTT4002HIV Reverse Transcriptase N/A2000 Units;500 UnitsInquiry
EMDT0316Hot Start Taq DNA Polymerase N/A500 UnitsInquiry
EMDT0317Human DNA Polymerase Alpha N/A100 Units;50 UnitsInquiry
EMDT0318Human DNA Polymerase Beta N/A100 Units;50 UnitsInquiry
EMDT0319Human DNA Polymerase Gamma N/A100 Units;50 UnitsInquiry
EMNT2013Lambda Terminase N/A50 units;200 unitsInquiry
EMDT0323Mako DNA Polymerase (3'—5' exo- ) N/A3000?UnitsInquiry
EMDT0324Manta 1.0 DNA Polymerase N/A100000 UnitsInquiry
EMDT0331Poly A Polymerase N/A500 Units;100 UnitsInquiry
EMNT2018Pvu Rts1I Endonuclease N/A100 unitsInquiry
EMOT1127RecA N/A1.5 mgInquiry
EMOT1128RecA Protein N/A0.2 mg;1 mgInquiry
EMNT2019RecBCD Nuclease N/A1000 unitsInquiry
EMPT3004RNA 5′ Polyphosphatase N/A200 unitsInquiry
EMNT2021RNase A N/A10 mgInquiry
EMNT2026RNase III N/A50 unitsInquiry
EMNT2027RNAse Inhibitor N/A20000 UnitsInquiry
EMNT2029RNase T1 N/A100000 UnitsInquiry
EMNT2030S1 Nuclease N/A50000 Units;10000 UnitsInquiry
EMOT1130Single-Stranded DNA Binding Protein N/A500μg;100μgInquiry
EMDT0346Tth DNA Polymerase N/A5000 Units;1000 UnitsInquiry
EMTT4005Tth111 Reverse Transcriptase N/A500 Units;100 UnitsInquiry
EMDTS0010Taq DNA Polymerase (for PAGE) ------500U, 2000UInquiry
EMDTS0012Taq Plus DNA Polymerase ------250U, 500UInquiry
EMDTS0013Taq Platinum DNA Polymerase ------250U, 500UInquiry
EMDTS0014Hotmaster Taq DNA Polymerase ------250U, 500UInquiry
EMDTS0015Long Taq DNA Polymerase ------250U, 500UInquiry
EMDTS0016Goldstar Taq DNA Polymerase (5U/uL, GoldStar Taq PCR Buffer with Mg2+) ------50U, 250UInquiry
EMDTS0017Goldstar Taq DNA Polymerase (2.5 U/uL,Taq Buffer, Mg2+) ------250UInquiry
EMDTS0018Fast Taq DNA Polymerase ------5 units/μlInquiry
EMDTS0019CreEasy Taq DNA Polymerase ------5 units/μlInquiry
EMDTS0020GC-Rich DNA Polymerase ------200 reactions, 1000 reactionsInquiry
EMDTS0021Taq DNA Polymerase System ------200 reactions, 1000 reactionsInquiry
EMQZ1401Pfu DNA Polymerase ------100 U; 500 UInquiry
EMQZ1402DNA Polymerase I Large Fragment (Klenow) ------200 U; 1,000 UInquiry
EMQZ1403DNA Polymerase I (E.coli) ------500 U; 2,500 UInquiry
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