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Cat#Product NamePrice
MIC-0600MiqScriptTM miRNA cDNA Synthesis Kit-10 Inquiry
MIC-0601MiqScriptTM miRNA cDNA Synthesis Kit-20 Inquiry
MIC-0602MiqScriptTM miRNA cDNA Synthesis Kit-50 Inquiry
MIC-0603MiqScriptTM miRNA cDNA Synthesis Kit-100 Inquiry
NKG-T001ClotBlood DNA Kit Inquiry
NKG-T002Tail DNA Kit Inquiry
NKG-T003Tail 96 Kit Inquiry
NKG-T004Deep processed Food Kit Inquiry
NKG-T005Cotton DNA Kit Inquiry
NKG-T006Barley 96 Kit Inquiry
NKP-T001Yeast LyticaseFree Plasmid Kit Inquiry
NKR-T001Virus RNA pure Kit Inquiry
NKR-T002Bacterial RNA pure Kit Inquiry
NKR-T003Yeast RNA pure Kit Inquiry
NKR-T004Plant RNApure Kit Inquiry
NKR-T005RNA Cleanup Kit Inquiry
NKD-T002Gel Extraction 96 Kit Inquiry
NKD-T003Universal DNA Purification 96 Kit Inquiry
NKG-T007DNA Lyse & Amp PCR Kit Inquiry
NKG-T008Swab DNA Kit Inquiry
NKG-T009Bacterial DNA Kit Inquiry
NKG-T010Marine Animal DNA Kit Inquiry
NKG-T011Plant DNAquick Kit Inquiry
NKG-T012Feedstuff Animal DNA Kit Inquiry
NKG-T013DNA Kit for Food Inquiry
NKG-T014FFPE Quick DNA Kit Inquiry
NKR-T006RNA Clean up Kit Inquiry
NKG-T015DNA / RNA / Protein Kits Inquiry
NKR-T007FFPE RNA pure Kit Inquiry
NKR-T008miRNA, siRNA and snRNA Kit Inquiry
NKP-T002Yeast Plasmid DNA Kit Inquiry
NKG-T016Blood and Tissue Genomic DNA Kit Inquiry
NKG-T017Blood & Cell Genomic DNA Extraction Inquiry
NKG-T018Mucous Speed DNA Kit Inquiry
NKP-T003Plasmid Endo-Free Utrapure Kit Inquiry
NKD-T004DNA Clean Up and Concentrator Kit Inquiry
NKD-T005Gel/PCR DNA Kit Inquiry
NKR-T009Plant Total RNA Kit Inquiry
NKG-T019Bacterial Mag DNA Kit Inquiry
NKG-T020Bacterial Mag DNA 96 Kit Inquiry
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