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Cat#Product NameHost CellGene SymbolSpeciesPrice
CSC-RO0001Human TNFRSF9 Stable Cell Line-CHO CHO-K1TNFRSF9HumanInquiry
CSC-RO0002Human CD276 Stable Cell Line-CHO CHO-K1CD276HumanInquiry
CSC-RO0003Human VTCN1 Stable Cell Line-CHO CHO-K1VTCN1HumanInquiry
CSC-RO0004Human BTLA Stable Cell Line-CHO CHO-K1BTLAHumanInquiry
CSC-RO0005Human CD200R1 Stable Cell Line-CHO CHO-K1CD200R1HumanInquiry
CSC-RO0006Human CD80 Stable Cell Line-CHO CHO-K1CD80HumanInquiry
CSC-RO0007Human CD86 Stable Cell Line-CHO CHO-K1CD86HumanInquiry
CSC-RO0008Human TNFRSF18 Stable Cell Line-CHO CHO-K1TNFRSF18HumanInquiry
CSC-RO0009Human LAG3 Stable Cell Line-CHO CHO-K1LAG3HumanInquiry
CSC-RO0010Human SPATA2 Stable Cell Line-CHO CHO-K1SPATA2HumanInquiry
CSC-RO0011Human CD274 Stable Cell Line-CHO CHO-K1CD274HumanInquiry
CSC-RO0012Human CD274 Stable Cell Line-HEK293 HEK293CD274HumanInquiry
CSC-RO0013Human HAVCR2 Stable Cell Line-CHO CHO-K1HAVCR2HumanInquiry
CSC-RO0014Human C10orf54 Stable Cell Line-CHO CHO-K1C10orf54HumanInquiry
CSC-RO0040Human TIGIT Stable Cell Line-CHO CHO-K1TIGITHumanInquiry
CSC-RO0041Mouse Tigit Stable Cell Line-CHO CHO-K1TigitMouseInquiry
CSC-RO0042Human CD160 Stable Cell Line-CHO CHO-K1CD160HumanInquiry
CSC-RO0043Human CD38 Stable Cell Line-CHO CHO-K1CD38HumanInquiry
CSC-RO0044Human CD40 Stable Cell Line-CHO CHO-K1CD40HumanInquiry
CSC-RO0045Human CD47 Stable Cell Line-CHO CHO-K1CD47HumanInquiry
CSC-RO0046Human TNFRSF4 Stable Cell Line-CHO CHO-K1TNFRSF4HumanInquiry
CSC-RO0047Human TNFSF4 Stable Cell Line-CHO CHO-K1TNFSF4HumanInquiry
CSC-RO0048Human CTLA4 Stable Cell Line-CHO CHO-K1CTLA4HumanInquiry
CSC-RO0049Mouse Pdcd1 Stable Cell Line-CHO CHO-K1Pdcd1MouseInquiry
CSC-RO0050Mouse Cd274 Stable Cell Line-CHO CHO-K1Cd274MouseInquiry
CSC-RO0051Human SIRPA Stable Cell Line-CHO CHO-K1SIRPAHumanInquiry
CSC-RO0052Human SIRPG Stable Cell Line-CHO CHO-K1SIRPGHumanInquiry
CSC-RO0053Human TLR1 Stable Cell Line-HEK293 HEK293TLR1HumanInquiry
CSC-RO0054Human TLR2 Stable Cell Line-HEK293 HEK293TLR2HumanInquiry
CSC-RO0055Human TLR3 Stable Cell Line-HEK293 HEK293TLR3HumanInquiry
CSC-RO0056Human TLR4 Stable Cell Line-HEK293 HEK293TLR4HumanInquiry
CSC-RO0057Human TLR5 Stable Cell Line-HEK293 HEK293TLR5HumanInquiry
CSC-RO0058Human TLR6 Stable Cell Line-HEK293 HEK293TLR6HumanInquiry
CSC-RO0059Human TLR8 Stable Cell Line-HEK293 HEK293TLR8HumanInquiry
CSC-RO0060Human TLR9 Stable Cell Line-HEK293 HEK293TLR9HumanInquiry
CSC-RO0061Human TLR10 Stable Cell Line-HEK293 HEK293TLR10HumanInquiry
CSC-RO0062Mouse TLR11 Stable Cell Line-HEK293 HEK293TLR11MouseInquiry
CSC-RO0063Mouse TLR12 Stable Cell Line-HEK293 HEK293TLR12MouseInquiry
CSC-RO0065Mouse 4-1BB Stable Cell Line-CHO CHO-K1Tnfrsf9MouseInquiry
CSC-RO0066Human CD27 Stable Cell Line-CHO CHO-K1CD27HumanInquiry
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