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Gene Overexpression Stable Cell Lines-Others

Creative Biogene also provides a series of cell line products stably expressing other membrane proteins, e.g. immune checkpoint proteins.

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Gene Overexpression Stable Cell Lines-Others

Gene Overexpression Stable Cell Lines-Others

The overexpression of proteins is critical for many applications, including studying the function of the gene, screening activitors or inhibitors of the gene and other assay studies. At Creative Biogene, we have developed a large number of GPCR stable cell lines, Ion channel stable cell lines and Reporter stable cell lines. Besides GPCR, Ion channel, reporter and immune receptor cell lines, scientists at Creative Biogene have also investigated and generated recombinant stable cell lines expressing other popular gene targets such as PDEs, protein kinases etc.

The cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterases (PDEs) are a family of phosphodiesterases which can hydrolyze nucleoside 3’,5’-cyclic phosphate to nucleoside 5’-phosphate. PDEs play important roles in many cellular signaling pathways by controlling concentrations of cyclic nucleotides. PDE stable cell lines developed by Creative Biogene are useful tools for PDE inhibitor assays.

Protein kinases are a class of kinase enzyme that functionally regulate target proteins by phosphorylation. Phosphorylation are known to regulate many cellular pathways. Kinase mutation or over-expression can lead to cancers or other diseases. Inhibitors of kinases can be used to treat diseases caused by hyperactive protein kinases. Kinase stable cell lines developed at Creative Biogene are ideal for cell-based screening of potential kinase inhibitors.

Table 1. Summary of recombinant stable cell lines with popular genes
(Gene official symbol listed from A to Z, h: human)

Category Host Cell Gene Target
PDE Cell Lines CHO-K1 hPDE9A, hPDE1B
HEK293 hPDE2A, hPDE4A, hPDE10A, hPDE1B, hPDE1C
Kinase Cell Lines Ba/F3 hBCR-ABL, hEGFR, hEML4-ALK, hERBB2, hp95HER2, hSLC34A2-ROS1
T47D hERBB2, hp95HER2


  • Studying the specific interaction between the target proteins and their ligands
  • Screening compounds or drugs
  • Research on immune related diseases and finding therapies or exploring drugs


  • Creative Biogene provides a variety of stable cell lines with popular gene targets.
  • All stable cell lines provided by Creative Biogene are guaranteed free of mycoplasma contamination.
  • If you could not find a cell line of interest, our scientists can also tailor one based on your request.

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