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Cat#Product NameHost CellGene SymbolSpeciesPrice
CSC-RT0001Human HIF1A Knockout Cell Line-A549 A549HIF1A------Inquiry
CSC-RT0002Human SMAD4 Knockout Cell Line-A549 A549SMAD4------Inquiry
CSC-RT0003Human BAX Knockout Cell Line-DLD-1 DLD-1BAX------Inquiry
CSC-RT0004Human BAX/BAK Knockout Cell Line-DLD-1 DLD-1BAX/BAK------Inquiry
CSC-RT0005Human HIF1A Knockout Cell Line-DLD-1 DLD-1HIF1A------Inquiry
CSC-RT0006Human PIK3CA Knockout Cell Line-DLD-1 DLD-1PIK3CA------Inquiry
CSC-RT0007Human PTEN Knockout Cell Line-DLD-1 DLD-1PTEN------Inquiry
CSC-RT0008Human SMAD4 Knockout Cell Line-DLD1 DLD-1SMAD4------Inquiry
CSC-RT0009Human TP53 Knockout Cell Line-DLD1 DLD-1TP53------Inquiry
CSC-RT0010Human BAX Knockout Cell Line-SW48 SW48BAX------Inquiry
CSC-RT0011Human BAX/BAK Knockout Cell Line-SW48 SW48BAX/BAK------Inquiry
CSC-RT0012Human HIF1A Knockout Cell Line-SW48 SW48HIF1A------Inquiry
CSC-RT0013Human PTEN Knockout Cell Line-SW48 SW48PTEN------Inquiry
CSC-RT0014Human TP53 Knockout Cell Line-SW48 SW48TP53------Inquiry
CSC-RT0015Human BRCA2 Knockout Cell Line-DLD-1 DLD-1BRCA2------Inquiry
CSC-RT0016Human BBC3 Knockout Cell Line-DLD-1 DLD-1BBC3------Inquiry
CSC-RT0017Human AKT1 Knockout Cell Line-DLD-1 DLD-1AKT1------Inquiry
CSC-RT0018Human FBXW7 Knockout Cell Line-DLD-1 DLD-1FBXW7------Inquiry
CSC-RT0019Human KRAS Knockout Cell Line-DLD-1 DLD-1KRAS------Inquiry
CSC-RT0020Human PIK3CA Knockout Cell Line-DLD-1 DLD-1PIK3CA------Inquiry
CSC-RT0021Human CDKN1A Knockout Cell Line-DLD-1 DLD-1CDKN1A------Inquiry
CSC-RT0022Human USP7 Knockout Cell Line-DLD-1 DLD-1USP7------Inquiry
CSC-RT0023Human AKT2 Knockout Cell Line-DLD-1 DLD-1AKT2------Inquiry
CSC-RT0024Human ATG7 Knockout Cell Line-DLD-1 DLD-1ATG7------Inquiry
CSC-RT0025Human DICER1 Knockout Cell Line-DLD-1 DLD-1DICER1------Inquiry
CSC-RT0026Human XIAP Knockout Cell Line-DLD-1 DLD-1XIAP------Inquiry
CSC-RT0027Human SLC2A1 Knockout Cell Line-DLD-1 DLD-1SLC2A1------Inquiry
CSC-RT0028Human BRCA2 Knockout Cell Line-DLD-1 DLD-1BRCA2------Inquiry
CSC-RT0029Human FBXW7 Knockout Cell Line-DLD-1 DLD-1FBXW7------Inquiry
CSC-RT0030Human BBC3 Knockout Cell Line-DLD-1 DLD-1BBC3------Inquiry
CSC-RT0031Human AKT1/AKT2 Knockout Cell Line-DLD-1 DLD-1AKT1/AKT2------Inquiry
CSC-RT0032Human PTEN Knockout Cell Line-MCF10A  MCF10A PTEN------Inquiry
CSC-RT0033Human TP53 Knockout Cell Line-MCF10A  MCF10A TP53------Inquiry
CSC-RT0034Human BAX Knockout Cell Line-HCT116  HCT116 BAX------Inquiry
CSC-RT0035Human CDK2 Knockout Cell Line-HCT116  HCT116 CDK2------Inquiry
CSC-RT0036Human LIG4 (-/-) Knockout Cell Line-HCT116  HCT116 LIG4------Inquiry
CSC-RT0037Human NHEJ1 (+/-) Knockout Cell Line-HCT116  HCT116 NHEJ1------Inquiry
CSC-RT0038Human LIG4 (+/-) Knockout Cell Line-HCT116  HCT116 LIG4------Inquiry
CSC-RT0039Human AKT2 Knockout Cell Line-HCT116  HCT116 AKT2------Inquiry
CSC-RT0040Human SFN Knockout Cell Line-HCT116  HCT116 SFN------Inquiry
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