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Cat#Product NameHost CellGene SymbolSpeciesPrice
CSC-RK0002Human ERCC1 Knockdown Cell Line-HeLa HeLaERCC1HumanInquiry
CSC-RK0003Human XPF Knockdown Cell Line-HeLa HeLaXPFHumanInquiry
CSC-RK0005Human hHR23A Knockdown Cell Line-HeLa HeLaRAD23AHumanInquiry
CSC-RK0006Human hHR23B Knockdown Cell Line-HeLa HeLaRAD23BHumanInquiry
CSC-RK0007Human KIN17 Knockdown Cell Line-HeLa HeLaKINHumanInquiry
CSC-RK0008Human LigIII Knockdown Cell Line-HeLa HeLaLIG3HumanInquiry
CSC-RK0009Human LigIV Knockdown Cell Line-HeLa HeLaLIG4HumanInquiry
CSC-RK0010Human MRE11 Knockdown Cell Line-HeLa HeLaMRE11AHumanInquiry
CSC-RK0011Human NBS1 Knockdown Cell Line-HeLa HeLaNBNHumanInquiry
CSC-RK0012Human Rad50 Knockdown Cell Line-HeLa HeLaRAD50HumanInquiry
CSC-RK0014Human XPA Knockdown Cell Line-HeLa HeLaXPAHumanInquiry
CSC-RK0015Human XPC Knockdown Cell Line-HeLa HeLaXPCHumanInquiry
CSC-RK0016Human XRCC1 Knockdown Cell Line-HeLa HeLaXRCC1HumanInquiry
CSC-RK0017Human XRCC4 Knockdown Cell Line-HeLa HeLaXRCC4HumanInquiry
CSC-RK0018Human PARP1 Knockdown Cell Line-HeLa HeLaPARP1HumanInquiry
CSC-RK0019Human PARP2 Knockdown Cell Line-HeLa HeLaPARP2HumanInquiry
CSC-RK0020Human XLF Knockdown Cell Line-HeLa HeLaNHEJ1HumanInquiry
CSC-RK0021Human hRad54 Knockdown Cell Line-HeLa HeLaRAD54LHumanInquiry
CSC-RK0022Human MSH2 Knockdown Cell Line-HeLa HeLaMSH2HumanInquiry
CSC-RK0023Human p53 Knockdown Cell Line-HeLa HeLaTP53HumanInquiry
CSC-RK0024Human ATR Knockdown Cell Line-HeLa HeLaATRHumanInquiry
CSC-RK0025Human BLM Knockdown Cell Line-HeLa HeLaBLMHumanInquiry
CSC-RK0026Human FancD2 Knockdown Cell Line-HeLa HeLaFANCD2HumanInquiry
CSC-RK0027Human BRCA2 Knockdown Cell Line-HeLa HeLaBRCA2HumanInquiry
CSC-RK0028Human ATM Knockdown Cell Line-HeLa HeLaATMHumanInquiry
CSC-RK0029Human MTERFD2 Knockdown Cell Line-HeLa HeLaMTERFD2HumanInquiry
CSC-RK0030Human BRCA1 Knockdown Cell Line-HeLa HeLaBRCA1HumanInquiry
CSC-RK0031Human ATP6AP2 Knockdown Cell Line-HeLa HeLaATP6AP2HumanInquiry
CSC-RK0032Human HIF1A Knockdown Cell Line-HeLa HeLaHIF1AHumanInquiry
CSC-RK0033Human ABL1 Knockdown Cell Line-HeLa HeLaABL1HumanInquiry
CSC-RK0034Human NCL Knockdown Cell Line-HeLa HeLaNCLHumanInquiry
CSC-RK0035Human HMGB1 Knockdown Cell Line-HeLa HeLaHMGB1HumanInquiry
CSC-RK0036Human PCNA Knockdown Cell Line-HeLa HeLaPCNAHumanInquiry
CSC-RK0037Human NEIL1 Knockdown Cell Line-HeLa HeLaNEIL1HumanInquiry
CSC-RK0038Human TRIO Knockdown Cell Line-HeLa HeLaTRIOHumanInquiry
CSC-RK0039Human BCL2 Knockdown Cell Line-HeLa HeLaBCL2HumanInquiry
CSC-RK0040Human TNFR1 Knockdown Cell Line-HeLa HeLaTNFRSF1AHumanInquiry
CSC-RK0041Human HDAC1 Knockdown Cell Line-HeLa HeLaHDAC1HumanInquiry
CSC-RK0042Human MAPK1 Knockdown Cell Line-HeLa HeLaMAPK1HumanInquiry
CSC-RK0043Human HMG1L1 Knockdown Cell Line-HeLa HeLaCTCFLHumanInquiry
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