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CDFR015021Rat Bysl cDNA Clone(NM_182674.3) ------RatInquiry
CDFH001998Human BYSL cDNA Clone(NM_004053.3) 10 ugHumanInquiry
CDFG013436Human SEPT15 cDNA Clone(NM_203341.1) 10 ugHumanInquiry
CDFG013437Human SEPT15 cDNA Clone(NM_203341.1) 10 ugHumanInquiry
CDFH017194Human SEP15 cDNA Clone(NM_004261.3) 10 ugHumanInquiry
CDFL001033Mouse Agpat2 cDNA Clone(NM_026212.1) 10 ugMouseInquiry
CDFH000480Human AGPAT2 cDNA Clone(NM_001012727.1) 10 ugHumanInquiry
CDFH000481Human AGPAT2 cDNA Clone(NM_006412.3) 10 ugHumanInquiry
CDFR006118Rat Agpat3 cDNA Clone(NM_001106378.1) 10 ugRatInquiry
CDFH000482Human AGPAT3 cDNA Clone(NM_001037553.1) 10 ugHumanInquiry
CDFR013483Rat Agpat4 cDNA Clone(NM_133406.1) ------RatInquiry
CDFG002476Human AGPAT4 cDNA Clone(NM_020133.2) 10 ugHumanInquiry
CDFR009985Rat Agpat5 cDNA Clone(NM_001134744.1) ------RatInquiry
CDFR003927Rat Agpat6 cDNA Clone(NM_001047849.1) 10 ugRatInquiry
CDFR004026Rat Agpat9 cDNA Clone(NM_001025670.1) 10 ugRatInquiry
CDFH000170Human ACCS cDNA Clone(NM_001127219.1) 10 ugHumanInquiry
CDFR009126Rat Accsl cDNA Clone(NM_001109594.1) ------RatInquiry
CDFR002146Rat Oas1f cDNA Clone(NM_001009490.1) 10 ugRatInquiry
CDFR002147Rat Oas1h cDNA Clone(NM_001009491.1) 10 ugRatInquiry
CDFR002267Rat Oas1i cDNA Clone(NM_001009680.1) 10 ugRatInquiry
CDFR002145Rat Oas1k cDNA Clone(NM_001009489.1) 10 ugRatInquiry
CDFR002149Rat Oas3 cDNA Clone(NM_001009493.1) 10 ugRatInquiry
CDFR015070Rat Bpgm cDNA Clone(NM_199382.1) ------RatInquiry
CDFG006642Human CNP cDNA Clone(NM_033133.4) 10 ugHumanInquiry
CDFR013775Rat Decr1 cDNA Clone(NM_057197.2) ------RatInquiry
CDFH004940Human DECR1 cDNA Clone(NM_001359.1) 10 ugHumanInquiry
CDFG002780Human DECR2 cDNA Clone(NM_020664.3) 10 ugHumanInquiry
CDFG002827Human DECR2 cDNA Clone(NM_020664.3) 10 ugHumanInquiry
CDFR003947Rat Dhcr24 cDNA Clone(NM_001080148.1) 10 ugRatInquiry
CDFH005033Human DHCR24 cDNA Clone(NM_014762.3) 10 ugHumanInquiry
CDFR014337Rat Oas1a cDNA Clone(NM_138913.1) ------RatInquiry
CDFR014456Rat Oas1b cDNA Clone(NM_144752.2) ------RatInquiry
CDFR002122Rat Oas1d cDNA Clone(NM_001009379.1) 10 ugRatInquiry
CDFR002148Rat Oas1e cDNA Clone(NM_001009492.1) 10 ugRatInquiry
CDFG019961Mouse Oas1h cDNA Clone(NM_001159934.1) 10 ugMouseInquiry
CDFL008706Mouse Oas1h cDNA Clone(NM_145228.2) 10 ugMouseInquiry
CDFR001967Rat Oas2 cDNA Clone(NM_001009715.1) 10 ugRatInquiry
CDFL008707Mouse Oas2 cDNA Clone(NM_145227.3) 10 ugMouseInquiry
CDFR002269Rat Oasl2 cDNA Clone(NM_001009682.1) 10 ugRatInquiry
CDFH013023Human OAS1 cDNA Clone(NM_001032409.1) 10 ugHumanInquiry
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