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Cat#Product NameRecognition SiteSizePrice
EROT0231BalI TGG↓CCA50 units;250 unitsInquiry
EROT0244BcuI A↓CTATG400 Units;800 UnitsInquiry
EROT0254BpiI CAAGAC(2/6)↓200 Units;400 UnitsInquiry
EROT0268Bsh1236I CG↓CG500 Units;1000 unitsInquiry
EROT0269BshTI A↓CCGGT200 Units;400 UnitsInquiry
EROT0272BsiHKC I C↓PyCGPuG2000 Units;500 UnitsInquiry
EROT0281Bsp1407I T↓GTACA300 Units;600 UnitsInquiry
EROT0282Bsp143I AT↓CGAT300 Units;600 UnitsInquiry
EROT0301BstOI CC↓WGG2000 unitsInquiry
EROT0306BstZI C↓GGCCG500 unitsInquiry
EROT0307Bsu15I ATCGT↓C600 UnitsInquiry
EROT0309BsuRI CG↓CC3000 Units;6000 UnitsInquiry
EROT0315CfoI G CG↓C3000 unitsInquiry
EROT0317Csp6I G↓TAC1500 Units;3000 UnitsInquiry
EROT0319CspI CG↓GWCCG500 unitsInquiry
EROT0321CviJ I PuG↓Cpy400 Units;100 UnitsInquiry
EROT0322CviJ I* G↓C(*exceptPuG↓Cpy)25 Units;100 UnitsInquiry
EMOT1107DNA Topoisomerase I N/A500 Units;1000 Units;5000 UnitsInquiry
EROT0328Dra l TTT↓AAA10000 Units;2000 UnitsInquiry
EMOT1108E. coli Fpg N/A4000 UnitsInquiry
EROT0335Eco31I GGTCTC(1/5)↓1000 Units;2000 UnitsInquiry
EROT0336Eco32I GAT↓ATC2000 Units;4000 UnitsInquiry
EROT0337Eco47III AGC↓GCT200 Units;400 UnitsInquiry
EROT0338Eco52I C↓GGCCG500 Units;1000 UnitsInquiry
EROT0345Esp3I CGTCTC(1/5)↓1000 UnitsInquiry
EMNT2010Exonuclease VII N/A500 units;100 unitsInquiry
EROT0351FspBI C↓TAG5000 Units;10000 UnitsInquiry
EMOT1116High Concentration End-Repair Mix N/A75 ReactionsInquiry
EMTT4002HIV Reverse Transcriptase N/A2000 Units;500 UnitsInquiry
EMDT0316Hot Start Taq DNA Polymerase N/A500 UnitsInquiry
EROT0368Hpy8I CTN↓NAC200 Units;400 UnitsInquiry
EROT0374HpyF3I C↓TNAG500 Units;1000 UnitsInquiry
EROT0375Hsp92I GR↓CGYC500 unitsInquiry
EROT0376Hsp92II CATG↓1000 unitsInquiry
EMDT0317Human DNA Polymerase Alpha N/A100 Units;50 UnitsInquiry
EMDT0318Human DNA Polymerase Beta N/A100 Units;50 UnitsInquiry
EMDT0319Human DNA Polymerase Gamma N/A100 Units;50 UnitsInquiry
EROT0377I-PpoI (Intron-Encoded Endonuclease) CTCTCTTAA↓GGTAGC1000 unitsInquiry
EMNT2013Lambda Terminase N/A50 units;200 unitsInquiry
EROT0380LguI GCTCTTC(1/4)↓500 UnitsInquiry
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