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Human TR beta(LBD)-GAL4(DBD) Stable Cell Line-HEK 293T(UAS-bla)

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The thyroid hormone receptor beta (TR beta) is a nuclear hormone receptor and can function as a ligand inducible transcription factor capable of acting as a co-repressor and/or co-activator for gene expression. Nuclear receptors contain a series of conserved domains or regions. These domains/regions include a variable NH2-domain (A/B region), a conserved DNA-binding domain (DBD or region C), a linker region (region D), a ligand binding domain (LBD or region E), and in some receptors a variable COOH-terminal (region F). The TR DNA binding domain recognizes and interacts with the thyroid hormone response elements (TREs). TR can bind to this half-site, AGGTCA, as a monomer, a homodimer, or a heterodimer with the RXR. The TR/RXR heterodimer is associated with corepressor proteins at the TRE in the absence of ligand. Upon binding of thyroid hormone, TR undergoes a conformational change, releasing corepressor proteins and allowing for the interaction with coactivator proteins that enhance TRE-driven gene transcription. Thyroid hormones affect most mammalian tissues. In excess, these hormones may cause weight loss, tachycardia, atrial arrhythmias, and heart failure. TR isoforms have distinct, nonredundant, and tissue-specific functions. TRα is known as an important regulator of heart function. TR beta appears to be a key regulator of hypothalamus-pituitary-thyroid feedback regulation and plasma cholesterol levels. Mutations in the gene encoding human TR beta have been associated with general resistance to thyroid hormone (GRTH). This disorder is associated with significant behavioral abnormalities.
Growth Properties
Host Cell
HEK 293T
Dry ice
Gene Information
Official Symbol
THRB; thyroid hormone receptor, beta; ERBA2, pituitary resistance to thyroid hormone , PRTH, thyroid hormone receptor, beta (avian erythroblastic leukemia viral (v erb a) oncogene homolog 2) , thyroid hormone receptor, beta (erythroblastic leukemia viral (v erb a) oncogene homolog 2, avian); thyroid hormone receptor beta; avian erythroblastic leukemia viral (v erb a) oncogene homolog 2; ERBA BETA; generalized resistance to thyroid hormone; GRTH; NR1A2; oncogene ERBA2; THR1; THRB1; THRB2; thyroid hormone receptor beta 1; nuclear receptor subfamily 1 group A member 2; thyroid hormone nuclear receptor beta variant 1; thyroid hormone receptor, beta (erythroblastic leukemia viral (v-erb-a) oncogene homolog 2, avian); PRTH; ERBA2; C-ERBA-2; C-ERBA-BETA; MGC126109; MGC126110;
Gene ID
UniProt ID
Chromosome Location
Gene Expression, organism-specific biosystem; Generic Transcription Pathway, organism-specific biosystem; Neuroactive ligand-receptor interaction, organism-specific biosystem; Neuroactive ligand-receptor interaction, conserved biosystem; Nuclear Receptor transcription pathway, organism-specific biosystem; Nuclear Receptors, organism-specific biosystem;
DNA binding; enzyme binding; metal ion binding; protein binding; receptor activity; sequence-specific DNA binding; sequence-specific DNA binding transcription factor activity; steroid hormone receptor activity; thyroid hormone receptor activity; transcription corepressor activity; zinc ion binding;

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