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Goldstar Taq DNA Polymerase (5U/uL, GoldStar Taq PCR Buffer with Mg2+)

Goldstar Taq DNA Polymerase is provided in an inactive state with no polymerase activity at ambient temperatures. This prevents the formation of misprimed products and primer dimers at low temperatures. Goldstar Taq Polymerase is activated by a 10 minutes, 95°C incubation step, which can easily be incorporated into existing thermal cycling programs. The buffer improves specificity of a reaction, especially on GC-rich template, low copy template or template of complicated secondary structure. Goldstar Taq Polymerase catalyzes the non-template directed addition of an adenine residue to the 3′-end of both strands of DNA molecules to make it suitable for TA cloning. It has a high specificity and the PCR amplification product can be directly applied to downstream applications or chip hybridization experiment etc without the need of removing the hybrid stripes by gel recycling approach.
PCR; RT-PCR; Real-time PCR;Multiplex PCR;Microarray analysis; SNP detection;Ideal for high specificity PCR amplification;
`High specificity`Quick hot start: minimize the non-specific amplification products and shorten the reaction time
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
50U, 250U
Store at -20℃

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