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Lentivirus Service

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Creative Biogene is pioneering in the development of lentiviral technology. With years of experience in research of lentivirus, Creative Biogene provides convenient and efficient services for studies on promoter regulation, target gene over-expression, silencing of genes and so on. Using an innovative platform "CLPS" (Creative Lentiviral Packaging System), Creative Biogene generates more lentivirus than other popular systems, has high safety profile and high efficiency of gene delivery to virtually all cell types and whole model organisms, and what is more, it is compatible with any lentiviral vector system.

Lentivirus service

Lentiviral infection has advantages over other gene-therapy methods including high-efficiency infection of dividing and non-dividing cells, long-term stable expression of a transgene, and low immunogenicity, which makes lentiviruses very useful for studies in a variety of cell types including non-transformed cells. And lentivirus integrates its genetic material into the host cell allowing for stable, long-term expression of the transgene or shRNA. Creative Biogene supplies optimized lentiviral packaging service with its complete new generation lentiviral packaging system. Creative Biogene has included specific elements to improve transgene expression, virus titer, and overall lentiviral vector function.

Creative Biogene offers custom lentivirus construction services for your scientific research as follows:
 • Make your lentiviral inducible shRNA vector or lentiviral expression vector for your targets.
 • Delivery purified, Ready-To-Use lentivirus for your target of interest at high titer.
 • Generate stable cells in the cell line of your interest.
 • Select the stably transduced, high expression cells.
 • Express protein in suspension mammalian cells using lentiviral transduction.
 • Validate the genomic integration of gene via genomic PCR.
 • Validate the high-expression clone by Western Blot.
 • Purify the mammalian cell expressed proteins.

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