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Cloning Service

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Creative Biogene is a leading genomic service provider in the world and our comprehensive range of services are supported by leading technology platforms "REC" (rapid and efficient cloning). Creative Biogene has experience in cloning genomic DNA from many species with a variety of difficulties such as high GC content, hairpin structure, repetitive sequences. Creative Biogene has considerable experience in challenging cloning projects and can complete projects very efficiently. All high quality clones Creative Biogene provides are sequenced verified and guaranteed error-free.
For many projects, targeting vector construction is a critical step in genetically engineered animal research. However, without some crucial skills and experience in the specific procedures required, vector construction can become a difficult, time-consuming and costly project-especially if you need to create custom vectors, handle multiple sequences at once, or if you need to express proteins using multiple systems.
Cloning service

Cloning projects can also be complicated due to issues such as gene toxicity, large vector or insert size, unstable DNA elements or the presence of DNA secondary structures. Creative Biogene's Custom Services team can help you to speed up your work and gives the possibility to obtain the construct you need within a short time and without spending valuable time on routine cloning work, so you can skip the technical hurdles, focus on the biology, and expedite end-results. Creative Biogene provides PCR cloning and subcloning services to free your energy and time from routine subcloning for more creative research. Creative Biogene can clone genomic DNA into a variety of vectors for sequencing, expression and other manipulations. Creative Biogene's subcloning service is highly flexible to any specific project requirements. These have been used successfully in traditional and conditional knock-out, knock-in, and other genetic modification projects. Creative Biogene 

cloning services

are customized to meet your specific needs. Your gene of interest can be obtained by PCR, RT-PCR or restriction digestion and cloned into any vector of your choice. Creative Biogene can produce DNA clones in your vector of choice using known and novel sequences of DNA from plasmid, cosmid, genomic DNA, total or polyA+ RNAs, genomic and cDNA libraries (produced in phage or plasmids). In addition to this, Creative Biogene analyses every step of the cloning process.  

Creative Biogene offers custom

cloning services

for your scientific research as follows:
 •Preparation of various expression constructs from customer's plasmids.
 • Amplification of specific cDNA by RT-PCR and cloning into a standard vector or a vector of your
   choice (eukaryotic, prokaryotic, viral vectors).
 • Amplification of specific DNA fragments by PCR and cloning into a standard vector or a vector of your
   choice (eukaryotic, prokaryotic, viral vectors).
 • Cloning of your synthetic genes products into a standard vector or a vector of your choice
   (eukaryotic, prokaryotic, viral vectors).
 • Subcloning of DNA fragments into target vectors.
 • The experimental strategy, raw data and final results in a detailed report.


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