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Genomic DNA Purification

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Brief Introduction

Creative Biogene offers a broad range of genomic DNA isolation kits that are suitable for rapid and efficient purification of high quality genomic DNA from a wide variety of sample types including tissue, fresh and paraffin-embedded tissue sections, cultured cells, saliva, buccal cells, whole blood, plasma, serum, urine, bacteria, fungi, yeast, algae, viruses, and mitochondria. Our genomic DNA purification systems give you maximum yields with minimal processing time. The high quality genomic DNA can be used for many downstream applications such as PCR, Southern blotting, endonuclease digestion, and methylation detection. Find the right product for your research needs.


45-1 Ramsey Road, Shirley, NY 11967, USA
Tel: 1-631-626-9181
Fax: 1-631-614-7828

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